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Monday, August 21, 2006

UK homes experts have the following advice

Before you buy a new home it pays to go for a walk in the area, rather than just turning up in a car for a viewing and then driving away afterwards.

Find out what facilities and services there are within a 10-minute walk from the property, such as shops, supermarkets, schools, restaurants and public transport. New homes near to successful schools, particularly, will always be sought after, and therefore will command a higher price. Look too for areas where transport links are being improved.

Read local newspapers to get information about specific areas. This will help you identify areas undergoing regeneration and find out where new jobs are being created – both factors likely to push up house prices.

Consider what people are looking for when buying new homes. It may be a cliché, but if there is a trendy coffee shop or bar opening in the neighbourhood it has been identified as a growth area. The same applies to supermarkets, so visit their websites to see where they are opening new stores.

Proximity to property hotspots can also be an advantage as it may have a knock-on effect on house prices in other areas.

Other signs of a district on the up are skips in front gardens and on roadsides – indications that householders are carrying out home improvements such as loft conversions and new kitchens.
You could also check with the local council if it plans to impose parking restrictions. Residents-only parking is very desirable and can attract buyers to an area.


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