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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First time buyers need big deposits.

Despite sky-high house prices, first time buyers still manage to become homebuyers - and new figures from personal finance website show the sacrifices they have to make.

In June, says the website, housing demand fell because of World Cup soccer -but first time buyers who did go ahead borrowed an average £137,626 to buy ahome costing £169,600.

That required an average first income of £36,500, while 39% of households also had a second income - averaging £23,000.

Those figures mean first time buyers had an average deposit of £32,000- plus extra cash to pay for legal bills, stamp duty and extras. How did they do it, without help from Mum and Dad?

The average remortgage is interesting too: Moneyextra says applicants typically live in a £234,000 home, and have have upped their mortgage to £117,000.


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