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Monday, June 19, 2006

New Monopoly Game Reflects Today's House Prices

A new version of Monopoly has been launched to reflect the changing face of property prices in the capital.

The updated board game shows cost of living change since the original game was launched more than 70 years ago, manufacturer Parker said.

Old Kent Road and Park Lane have disappeared from the new version to makespace for newcomers such as Bishopsgate and Knightsbridge.

Oxford Street is the only survivor from the original game - costing £3 million compared to the previous £300.

Parker worked with property website to assess property prices in a 'scientific' way. They drew up a list of two potential London landmarks for each square of the board game.

Members of the public then voted for their favourites. Wapping, Primrose Hill and Brixton Hill are three other newcomers on theboard. Kensington Palace Gardens, priced at £4 million, takes over from £400 May fair as the most expensive slot on the new board. Parker spokesman Chris Weatherhead said: 'By working with Rightmove we have taken a scientific approach to the board but I'm sure there will still be plenty of discussion around the new properties. 'Called Monopoly Here and Now, the new game takes over from a limited edition game of the same name which went on sale last summer.

Versions of the original Monopoly board game are still on sale, a spokesman added. The property market has changed tremendously since the Monopoly board was first launched and we have set out to reflect this with the new board. 'The new board game is on sale at Woolworths.


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  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger atomised said…

    Nice looking site.
    Should I admit to being old enough to remember the original game. I always cheated to ensure I got Mayfair.

    Now I cheat in other ways:


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    Thanks to you both for your nice comments on my blog.


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